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All types of Gas Equipments are produced and found under this company's shed.

About Us

An energy source on which most industries depend and count on is Gas. Gas is considered as a primary energy source which makes work in metal, medical, chemical, hospital and various industries easy. For easy availability and proper follow of gas, Gas Equipment is used in industries. But before buying, customers must ensure that these are quality and safety marked. A company that deals in only safety and quality marked Gas Equipment like Gas Manifold Systems, Safety Relief Valve and Gas Cylinder Cabinets, is Sanket Gas Equipments.

We are a 1990 born Gas Engineering Firm, working as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality and safe to use Gas Equipment. We were established to cater to the demands of customers into welding and cutting industries by repairing gas equipment and systems. But slowly and steadily, with the rising demand of quality systems, we along with repairing started manufacturing gas equipment for different industries.

With a mission to lead the industry and make customers distinguish between high quality and low quality industrial gas equipment, we brought forward Gas Regulators and Manifolds of our own brand after six years of company establishment.

Presently, we deal in almost everything related to gas systems, be it Safety Relief Valve, Gas Cylinder Cabinets, or any other. We are supplying in different Indian regions and also perform site execution task in all major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Jamshedpur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chhattisgarh, and Kolkata. We are serving 300+ clients, most of which are very well-established and known companies, Tata Steel, Ewac Alloys Ltd., Central Railways, Larson & Toubro Ltd, West Central Railway, Bhushan Steel, Jindal, Godrej, Birla Group, Reliance Industries, Ratnagiri Gas and Power, Hindustan Petroleum, are few to mention.

Quality Assurance

We have come so far in the industry and all this is because of our belief in quality. Quality never dissatisfies anyone, be it end customer or companies like us who use raw materials like metal, plastic, etc, to manufacture a quality range. To bring forth quality Safety Relief Valve, and Gas Cylinder Cabinets, we do the following:

  • Use of advanced technology
  • Monitor every production process step
  • Check finished product on the basis of international quality standards
Client Satisfaction

If we are to thank for our growth and success, we will first name our customers because we think that our customers have a major role to play in making us work so hard and consistent in supplying quality. Our customers are our major supporters and to keep them happy, we improve the quality of our gas systems as per latest technology, we render prompt delivery service and repairing of gas systems as well.

Why Choose Us?

Some of the reasons to choose Sanket Gas Equipments are as follows:
  • We have in total 27 years and more experience
  • We believe in producing and supplying quality
  • We charge as per our quality products
  • We are involved in dealing fairly with all customers
Our Team

To make a company stand is in the hands of all employees who have been working right from the beginning. Currently, we have six employees, one is designer and one is engineer. Each of the employee is trained before assigning any work and is adept in meeting all client's needs. The number of employees we currently possess might not impress our customers but the amount of work they do is something really applaudable.